Send Your Allergies into Exile This Fall

Banish allergens from your kingdom with Jim’s Royal Indoor Air Quality Services

Sheboygan residents are already preparing for cooler temperatures. Though it’s a welcomed change after a hot summer, there is a darker force that lurks among the humidity and calm air. Inevitably, fall allergens will sneak their way inside as homeowners open the windows to take in the crisp, autumn breeze.

Some folks will open their home to the outdoors, only to quickly lock down the fort once their allergy symptoms arise. Others who have been scarred by past seasons of itchiness, congestion and sneezing will not welcome the natural air at all.

Through all of this frustration and paranoia, there is a knight in shining armor that emerges to fight all of your allergy battles. The hero arrives not on a horse, but in a purple and yellow truck adorned with a crown. The name, legend has it, is Jim’s Royal Heating & Air.

Your Royal Treatment Begins With an Air Quality Test

Before our team can save you from your allergy troubles, we first need to know what we’re dealing with. From pollen and mold spores, to pet dander and dust mites, it’s important to accurately diagnose the problem so that you do not waste money paying for an ineffective solution. Air quality testing can also detect harmful gasses that may be present in your air, such as carbon monoxide, radon and asbestos.

No matter what your air quality test reveals, Jim’s Royal Heating & Air provides the affordable and trusted resolution that you need to remove the allergen enemies in your home.

Eliminating the Foes That Have Already Made Their Way Inside

Even if you take proactive measures to protect your home from future pollutants, you still need to get rid of the ones that are already lurking in the shadows.

If there is a dust buildup in your air ducts, the allergens will accumulate, and then push their way out and into your home through your HVAC system’s airflow. With Jim’s Royal Heating & Air’s air duct cleaning services, we delve deep into your system to remove all of the enemies that have been hiding within your palace walls. Getting rid of all that dust and debris can provide immense relief for people suffering from allergies, asthma and autoimmune disorders.

Arm Your Home for Your Allergen Battle

Here in Sheboygan, WI, September humidity levels can reach as high as 100 percent. In order to enjoy clean, healthy air for the long haul, it’s best to offset your humid, polluted air with effective cleansing systems.

Air cleaners are a reliable way to remove dust mites, pollen, pet dander and more from your home. To get your indoor air within the ideal 30 to 50 percent range, you sometimes need an extra boost to properly ventilate your home.

High humidity creates a breeding ground for mold and other allergens to grow. By protecting your air each day with an air cleaner or dehumidifier, you can successfully target the pollutants before they have the chance to accumulate. Offering a wide range of brands and models, our team at Jim’s Royal Heating & Air works with you to find the solution that will most effectively relieve your allergies. 

Some Tips for Fall

Small changes can make all the difference for alleviating allergy symptoms. Here are some ways to minimize the presence of home allergens this season:

  • Avoid opening the windows in your home and car.
  • Restrict pets to certain areas to isolate pet dander.
  • Refrain from drying your clothes outside.
  • After spending time outside, change into different clothing immediately.

Discover Newfound Victory with Jim’s Royal

Summer may be reaching a close, but the weather outside is still delightful. At Jim’s Royal Heating & Air, we want every Sheboygan homeowner to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, without the unpleasant side effects.

To protect your home this fall from the allergens that have been plaguing your comfort for far too long, fill out our online form or call Jim’s Royal Heating & Air at 920.467.6777 today.