Once Upon a Time…

Our Tale of Succeeding to the Throne

It all started with a man on a mission.

Back in 1975, Jim Schomberg was growing weary of businesses founded on half-hearted promises and poor service. He was determined to start the kind of business that genuinely helped people. No ulterior motives, no upselling, and most importantly, no sales pitches. From there, he founded Jim’s Heating & Cooling to faithfully serve Sheboygan locals, year after year.

Now, over 40 years later, Royal Heating & Air (formerly Jim’s Heating & Cooling) has helped thousands of families to maintain their home comfort, providing systems and services that make their homes the places that they want to return to each day.

With our dedicated service and dedicated team, homeowners can place their trust in the right kind of business; that is, one that keeps their home safe and comfortable through each Wisconsin season.

This way, everyone lives happily ever after.

Most trusted heating company in Sheboygan