Air Conditioning Repairs with the Royal Touch

Keep Your Home Cool & Comfortable

You’re in your home, and you notice that it feels hotter than usual. At first, you shrug it off. But when adjusting the thermostat doesn’t work, you realize that your air conditioning unit has completely malfunctioned.

Signs that Your AC Is Failing

At Jim’s Royal Heating & Air, we have spent many years repairing air conditioners, learning along the way some of the common signs that a system needs repair. Here are a few red flags that indicate your air conditioner is on the fritz:

  • It’s not sufficiently cooling your home. Any equipment that’s not working as good as it used to most likely needs to be repaired.
  • It’s leaking water. Leaks are not something that should be taken lightly. Avoid having to pay for flooding damage by having one of our team members seal the leak ahead of time.
  • It’s making strange noises. If your AC unit is making strange noises, there could be a loose or broken component that needs to be repaired by a professional.
  • It’s emitting strange odors. This can be a sign that there are either burned wires or mold inside of your unit. This warrants further examination.

Schedule Your Royal Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioning repairs can be prevented through regular maintenance. Additionally, by joining Jim’s Royal Savings Club, you can receive year-round maintenance protection for a price that’s friendly on your wallet.

To learn more about our air conditioner repair services for any brand or model, complete our online form or give Jim’s Royal Heating & Air a call at 920.467.6777.