Infrared Heater Repair

Has Your Infrared Light Left You in the Dark? We Can Fix the Problem Fast

Infrared lighting can be an ideal way to additionally heat larger spaces, such as warehouses and garages. And when your heater suddenly malfunctions and you need to bring back that extra warmth, Jim’s Royal can quickly repair your infrared heater at an affordable cost.

If you are unsure what is wrong with your heater, we can assist you over the phone with a free service call and offer advice on how we can help. Some of our repair services for infrared heating systems include:

  • Locating and sealing leaks
  • Cleaning your heater’s interior to remove any debris blocking air flow
  • Cleaning the air filters
  • …And more!

With infrared heaters, it’s important to exercise caution while trying to decipher what’s wrong with your system. If you ever notice something smells like it’s burning or you see melted cords, do not try and fix your heater on your own. With our specialized equipment, Jim’s can safely repair your heater—without anyone getting injured in the process.

Schedule an Infrared Heater Repair with Jim’s Royal

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