Radiant Heat Repair Services

Bringing The Heat Up & Keeping The Bills Down

Radiant heating systems are a great way to conserve energy and effectively heat your home. But if your system suddenly malfunctions, you deserve to partner with a company that has ample experience with radiant heating, since it vastly differs from air-forced heating systems.

At Jim’s Royal Heating & Air, we have been in the HVAC business for over 40 years—so, we know what these radiant heating systems are all about. By electing our affordable repair services, we can quickly locate the problem on any radiant heating system and get you back on your way toward royal comfort.

When Your Radiant Heat May Be in Trouble

There are some telltale signals that indicate when you need repair work for your radiant heat, including:

  • Your heating bills have inexplicably gone up. This tells you that your system is not operating efficiently and needs to be examined by a trained professional.
  • There are water leaks in your home. Don’t let a leak turn into a lake! Ignoring leaking pipes can leave you paying for flooding damage that could have been avoided had you elected repair services earlier on.
  • Your home isn’t getting warm enough. If your home does not feel properly heated, this could be a red flag for a leaking boiler or broken thermostat.
  • Your home isn’t heating evenly. Radiant heat has the advantage of distributing heat more evenly than a furnace blowing air through ductwork. So, if the rooms in your home are not heating evenly, your system is not operating properly and needs repair.
  • Unusual noises from your boiler or pipes. If your system is making unusual bangs and rattles, this can be a sign that your boiler is overheating or that another component has malfunctioned and needs to be examined by a professional.

Schedule Radiant Heat Repairs with Jim’s Royal

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